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Launching in the cloud now:
LearningStone: Online communication and learning for professional trainers

After two years of development and extensive testing, the founders of LearningStone are delighted to announce that they have gone live with their new cloud-based learning and communication platform for professional trainers and their trainees. With offices in Princeton and Amsterdam, LearningStone is ready to conquer the world!




All over the world, instructors and trainers are struggling to support face-to-face groups using a combination of online tools. Trainers have been juggling email (too much email!), Google apps, SharePoint, Moodle, and other cumbersome tools to let their trainees know when to come to courses, where to find material,  and how to learn, as well as for offering a private platform to communicate with each other during and after training.

Founders Michiel Klønhammer and Sjoerd Boersma—both experienced EdTech entrepreneurs—decided to build a cloud-based service to provide a low cost alternative that really works. Being fans of 37Signals, the famous cloud application company from Chicago, they focused on building a powerful application offering the features that are really needed, and not on building technology for technical staff.


Sjoerd Boersma, founder: “We talked with many trainers and combined their knowledge with our own experience and with a broad array of learning and collaboration tools. We developed this platform from scratch using a brilliant team of developers who gave us the freedom to focus on usability. We didn’t set out to build every imaginable feature, but instead concentrated on a set of functionalities that you really need and can easily use. We found that a Course Timeline editor containing all sorts of apps, a simple content management feature, a survey tool, and an easy way to invite new users were the killer features we needed. Now it’s up to the world to tell us if we did it right.”


Michiel Klønhammer, founder: “We saw that training agencies often struggle with systems like Moodle. Moodle is great if you have the time and technical people available in house, but we wanted to offer something that you could prepare in an evening or two. We’ve been seeing trainers working with LearningStone and we’re thrilled with the results. It’s great to see how creative people can be if you give them the right tools. We see that people start focusing on the actual course within the first hour of working with LearningStone. That is certainly not the case with systems like Moodle.



LearningStone with a ‘skin’ for the K&B Learning company. A course timeline (left) offers information, dates, automatic learning notifications, learning assets, and so on, while the wall (right) supports communication between trainer and trainees and between the trainees themselves.




We’re looking forward to your reviews. To encourage you to do this, we are providing some 100% discount coupons, so that you can try LearningStone for up to a year for review purposes. We will also offer personal Skype tours, we’ll help to set up your LearningStone workspace and course, and we’re also just available to chat with you about the possibilities.

Please ask us for a review-coupon.

Please note: After your free year is up, we’ll check with you to see if you’ve started using your free LearningStone workspace professionally. If not, the workspace will be closed. You will not be charged for the first year.


GEEK CORNER: LearningStone was built using Erlang, a technology that is on the rise (e.g., Facebook and What’s App), and an open source framework called Zotonic. LearningStone’s CTO Marc Worrell is the initiator of Zotonic, which is now gaining popularity all over the world. Many LearningStone components are given back to the developer community. More information here: www.zotonic.com




Interested in LearningStone? Ask us for a tour! Want to know what our users think? Read their testimonials here. If you want to receive blogs like these by mail, sign up here (new window).


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