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Declining an invitation

As a manager or coach in LearningStone, you get to onboard your users by Inviting them to one or more LearningStone groups. If you still need to learn more about that, please read this help for managers.

 We’ve been improving a lot of details of this onboarding process in the past months. You shouldn’t notice many of them as they’re about stability, speed and small interface tweaks. We should mention one: until now when a user declined an invitation, the manager never got warned and the invitation was simply canceled. We’ve changed that. Now if an invitee declines the invitation (one of the options after following the link from the email invitation), this pending person (marked as “email only”) gets moved into the trash (see “Organize members”) and the managers of the group get an email telling them what happened.

LearningStone invitations


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