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On the move (and a little favor)

We have all sorts of good news and a little favor to ask.
It’s thrilling to see real life training professionals use LearningStone! We’ve been seeing some of our clients (our pioneers, thank you for the trust!) adding group after group. In some cases we’ve been helping out by adding some branding or designing the course timeline, so if you need that, please tell us, but in a lot of cases we don’t have to help at all.


Elearning Industry
As the product gets better known, we’re getting a better understanding of what’s good about it. We just read this great review by Rupen Sharma about our respected competitors and LearningStone. Nice!

New features: Forms, video, comments on everything, calendar slots
So in case you haven’t tried LearningStone yet: with LearningStone you setup learning groups in a workspace and add course timelines that are basically a string of applications (calendar items, automatic messages, learning content etc).
Since our last update we have added a full featured Forms & Surveys functionality, a cool RSVP-function (see the Calendar help for more info) and next week you’ll be able to comment on anything so that you can for example upload a piece of homework in the docs area and the group can comment on it.
Pretty soon we’ll be adding a full video upload and conversion too so that you don’t need to use YouTube or Vimeo. Keep an eye on our blog for more on that as we're already testing it.

If you’re interested in using LearningStone or can suggest anyone that is, we would love to hear from you. Don’t forget we have a free version, so it’s easy to get started.



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