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Hiding groups and social links

We’re adding features every day. Here’s two that many of you asked us about.


Hiding groups
It’s now possible to hide your groups in the group list in LearningStone or you can hide the group list all together (workspace managers only).

This means that groups are hidden for everyone except the members.

You can now also choose to hide the “Join the group” buttons (all of them or per group). If someone clicks on this button, they send a message to the manager (that’s you!) asking if they can join. You might not want that for your groups of for a specific group so now you can turn that off.

To do all this, just go to Settings in a group and click on “General”. If you want to hide the whole list, click on “Workspace settings” and then “General”.


Social links

We have added social media links to the profiles to help members of training groups to get in touch outside of the social capabilities of their LearningStone groups.



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