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NEW: Quiz & Test functionality (Test your Trump knowledge!)


If you use LearningStone, you’ll have noticed the great forms and survey functionality. With “Forms” you can create signup forms, intake forms, surveys, evaluations, and more. You can use the forms and surveys you created integrated into a course in LearningStone, or simply as a super useful standalone tool. But what about self-grading tests, what about a quiz that gets marked automatically, what about assessments? Many of you have been asking us not to send you off to another vendors for this. We’ve listened, got to work and we're happy to announce that LearningStone's Quiz & Test functionality has been released! And it's gets better! We've improved both the underlying data-model and the interface of the editor. Enjoy!

Have a look at these examples.

Trump-12tf.com f43512614_s.jpg

Test your Trump Knowledge! (new window)

A simple test example


Create a test or quiz in notime.

Any trainer, coach or groups space manager can create a quiz or test in 3 easy steps:

  1. Create a form by choosing Settings > Forms > New...
  2. Add a first page, then a question. Choose the multiple choice question type, select “This is a quiz question” and fill in the question, the answers and your feedback. Points per question and randomisation of answers are options.
  3. Use the Form Settings to set the percentage needed to pass and to set the type of feedback the respondent gets and if the score is shown at the end or simply stored for the trainer or coach in the form’s results.

Note: If you want to send the quiz or test out into the world, set the Access to “The Whole World” or leave it as it is if it should be restricted to the group space.


Integrate into a course timeline?

Again, 3 steps!

  1. Open the course timeline editor, add a block and choose Find > Forms to choose the form you just created.
  2. Choose a cool icon and decide if you want the open button to show in a side panel or not.
  3. Store summarized results in the progress report of the course timeline by adding a “progress marker” at the bottom of the block you just added. Full results are stored with the form.

Need an example? Simply copy it from  Forms > Copy or create a new form > Examples > English (Choose "Test your knowledge 1.0")


Some super useful features

  • You can mix graded and open questions in one form.
  • You can convert a multiple choice question to a graded question with one click.
  • You can share a quiz or test between workspaces.

More about LearningStone Forms



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