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Create a Learning Logbook in 5 minutes

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LearningStone offers a course timeline that can be used for training and coaching. It’s a flexible learning path that offers content, planning, homework, progress markers and lots more. Often trainers and coaches need a flexible tool to document learning goals and log personal progress for trainees or coachees. The new release of LearningStone has added new possibilities making it easy to create a “learning monitor” or “learning logbook”. It's simply an example of form that can be edited after you have submitted.

This is an example of the Logbook (Login to be able to fill it in twice)

  1. Copy our example " Logbook for Learning Goals" from here. Settings > "Forms, Surveys, Tests and Quizzes" > Choose existing (click on Examples > English.) The option to be able to edit the filled in log has been checked. This means the form can be used over time.

  2. Add a form block to the course timline, choose Find > Forms and choose the Logbook form that you just added.

  3. In the settings of the course timeline block, uncheck the “Show as panel” and add an introduction to explain what this is all about.


    Read more about LearningStone Forms
    Example of the Logbook





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