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The next step towards professionalization: manage your training in one single environment

Blended learning: it sounds pretty good, but you dread the idea of having to work with a new technology. Well, let’s take a minute to consider the digital elements you’re already using. Most trainers probably don’t realize they’ve taken several digital steps - for example, they use LinkedIn for discussions, SharePoint for document management, Dropbox for sharing materials, and email for scheduling purposes as well as communication with participants. These small tools are useful, but managing the different associated accounts is pretty time consuming. That’s exactly why it’s time to take the next step!

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Lose those individual tools: towards a single platform

One tool after another has gradually slipped its way into your training approach. Now, you’ve lost overview. This is the perfect moment to professionalize. How? Switch to one central environment for blended learning in which you can manage training materials, schedules, and all communication with participants. It’s a common tendency to overlook the latter: trainers are often inclined to focus on the information they transmit when setting up a blended learning platform. But how do you maintain contact with participants as a trainer? How can participants communicate with each other? And how easy is it to manage these instruments? It’s crucial that you carefully consider these matters.


What are the characteristics of a good blended learning environment?

First, list the things your current tools help you accomplish, so you can set clear requirements for a blended learning environment. Try to find the best solution for your situation. Some platforms don’t have all the features you want while others offer more than you need. In any case, make sure an environment is easy to use. For example, opt for a platform that you can also deploy for micro-learning and which works well on mobile devices.

Errors can always occur, so it’s essential that you work with a reliable company which accurately solves issues. Also keep in mind that your needs may change over time. Preferably, opt for an organization that constantly develops and can accommodate any customization needs you may require.

Are you looking for one environment in which you can manage all aspects of a training? Does the combination of simplicity and lots of possibilities appeal to you? And would you like to work with a reliable company? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss your opportunities.






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