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Blended learning: costs versus benefits!

If you want to get started with blended learning, you will first have to incur costs. Yet another expense? That’s only desirable when it ultimately results in added value. In this blog, we’ll discuss the following question: How can you reduce costs or increase revenue with blended learning?

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What type of training agency are you running?

First, it’s important to consider how you feel about the concept of blended learning. By and large, we observe three types of training agencies: 

  1. The agency that firmly believes in blended learning: “From now on, we only offer blended training.”
  2. The agency with cold feet: “When a customer tells us they want to follow part of the training digitally, we’ll facilitate it.”
  3. The agency that would prefer to stick to tradition: “We’ve tried it once without mastering the technology, but not much happened.”

 Clearly, the third agency will not get much out of blended learning, because it hasn’t mastered the required technology. The first agency, however, approaches the concept with the right mindset. Are you convinced that blended learning is useful and are you willing to initially invest time and money in it? Then, you will profit from it.

How to cover expenses and create added value

Blended learning helps you save money in different ways. For example, you’ll incur less travel costs. The reduction in travel costs for participants also means they’ll spend more time on the work floor. This provides added value to your customers. If you adopt a clever approach to the concept, it can also help you generate more income. You can, for example, reach and serve more customers, because you’ve significantly expanded your geographical range. Furthermore, it’s easy to reuse existing materials – which you can constantly develop and adjust per customer. This will enable you to sell it to more customers in a quick, easy way.

Of course, you can also pass on the costs of blended learning to your customers. But how exactly? Should you let the customer choose between live and blended training? And should you recover the costs of the learning environment ‘one on one’ from the customer? Our answer to both questions is “No.” Tell your customers you’ve adopted blended learning because it allows you to provide greater quality. Determine a clear, unambiguous rate based on the number of hours you spend on live training and remote support. This will clarify things for the customer and help him understand the quality he can expect. And you will more than recover the costs you’ve incurred!





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