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More personal and effective contact with blended learning

Blended learning: you’ve heard a lot about it, but you just don’t think it suits you. Technology doesn’t appeal to you, and personal contact is more up your alley. But have you ever considered all the administrative and preparatory work you need to perform for all parties involved? By automating such actions you’ll have much more time, which you can spend on intensifying (live) communication.

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Facilitate personal contact with blended learning!

To LearningStone, personal contact is also paramount. It’s a trainer’s added value – that’s our basic principle. But you can improve this element. How? By organizing everything outside live meetings in a better way. You can, for example, upload training materials and schedules to an online environment (and, if desired, gradually release them). This allows all participants to review such information in their own time. Moreover, you’ll have quick and easy insight into their progress. Also, you’ll no longer have to prepare envelopes to spread materials. When a new participant joins the training, you can give him access to the learning environment in a trice. Furthermore, all communications can easily take place through and be retrieved from the same environment.

Briefly put, you’ll better organize logistics, so everyone can prepare more thoroughly content-wise. As a result, the quality of two important training elements – personal contact and the learning process – will only increase.

Good prep work results in added value

Blended learning allows both the trainer and the participant to better prepare for the training. Everyone can introduce themselves and review training materials online upfront. This means you can accelerate significantly during the live meeting, thus creating added value. As a result, face-to-face contact will be better, more effective, and more personal. Moreover, you can keep in touch with each other when you’re apart. For example, participants have the opportunity to ask questions in the learning environment in between live meetings. In terms of personal contact, this will improve things, provided that you agree upon some ground rules.

‘Half begun is well done’ should also be the trainer’s motto. If, for example, you need to coach participants, you can ask them to upload their goals to the learning environment beforehand. This way, you’ll know what you’re working towards at the session’s onset, which will allow you to get started right away and pay more attention to achieving the set objectives. In other words, the quality of your program will increase!




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