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Press release: LearningStone launches “LearningStone Dedicated”

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LearningStone launches “LearningStone Dedicated”

LearningStone – the platform for blended learning – went live in the beginning of 2014 after two years of development and was officially launched during the ATD conference in Washington DC a few months later. Founders Sjoerd Boersma, Michiel Klønhammer and CTO Marc Worrell had envisioned a cloud based online platform for professional trainers and have managed to attract training companies in both Europe and the US.

Now, after 18 months of running as a cloud subscription or “plan” based service (training agencies pay a low cost per month) LearningStone is adding a so called dedicated version aiming at demanding  clients that needs custom work, white labeling and further integration with other systems.


Michiel Klønhammer “Chief of Things” at LearningStone about the move: “When we created LearningStone we focused on customer needs and low cost and that’s usually what we talk about. We really focused on what trainers need and how they can support class based training with an online system. What we don’t talk about much is the excitement of building a technology company and leading an. open source project (called Zotonic) that is sharing components with several exciting companies. The framework we have developed with the team is now being used for dozens of super exciting projects and the LearningStone platform itself has reached a point that we can use it for other brands and applications. We have created a modular framework and can manage multiple applications. We are currently running three instances of the LearningStone framework and have seen an uptime of 100% in the past few months even though we’re constantly releasing new functionality. Not many technology companies can say that so we felt we were ready to create a dedicated product. We expect to keep hosting it all ourselves but that will depend on customer needs.”

LearningStone will continue to expand its services for its low cost users in its cloud.

Michiel Klønhammer: “We’re certainly not moving away from the low cost users and we even run a great deal of free users as well. We believe that the trick to running an online service is to be able to offer a broad spectrum of possibilities as training companies are extremely dynamic organizations. You might need a few online training groups one day and win a government bid with ten thousand users the next. We want to be there to support both situations.”


LearningStone current cloud plans vary from 165 USD (125 euro per month) up to about 1200 USD (980 Eur)  for an enterprise plan, without any starting costs. LearningStone Dedicated will be start with a one time fee of 35.000 USD and monthly costs of starting from 2.000 USD including storage, mail servers and a scalable architecture.


More information: www.learningStone.com/dedicated

Contact details: www.learningStone.com/contact

Please contact Michiel Klønhammer through michiel@learningstone.com or Tel: +1-609-681-5403  or +31 (0)20 8202384



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