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Want to improve your online learning environment and training skills in a fun, inspiring way?

As of recently, LearningStone users can join "The RoundTable. This ‘quest’ aims to gradually improve your learning environment and help you practice providing online training and coaching. All knowledge, communications, and assignments are available 24/7. Every week, you can participate in a brief virtual training course together with others. This schedule creates a new habit, room for new skills, and a breeding ground for new ideas. Too busy? Just hop into the online space for some collaboration.

The sessions are led by Petra Aartsen, an experienced blend coach who helps trainers grow and improve by accelerating their development. Today, she shares what to expect from the RoundTable: “The sessions provide structure as well as a lot of freedom to discuss themes that are topical and relevant to trainers who organize online training courses. These elements reinforce each other.”

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Embarking on a joint quest in unprecedented times

Sometimes, the world changes in an unprecedented way. Since the corona crisis hit, for example, we haven’t been able to rely on the past to find a solution. “During the RoundTable, we try to discover such things together,” says Petra. “Usually, each trainer has their own story, which they can share so we can elaborate on it in a safe environment. This is a way of collaborative learning — learning from and with each other. It’s a concept that LearningStone supports.”

Each participant who joins the RoundTable knows something about LearningStone. But every person has a different level of knowledge: “Some trainers have thoroughly familiarized themselves with the blended learning platform and are looking for co-creation. The RoundTable is a powerful catalyst to them. Beginners can receive additional explanation afterwards if they so desire, so experienced users are guaranteed to have a good online learning experience. More often, though, seniors share their knowledge with less experienced workspace administrators. This is useful for them, too, as you deepen your knowledge by explaining things.”


Adapt to the corona era and improve your online skills

Flexibility is characteristic of the RoundTable. “During every session, we look at participants’ needs,” Petra explains. “At the start, they each share what they hope to learn in terms of skills and knowledge in the next hour. We tackle their questions and issues one by one. If we’ve got some time left, we can discuss a topic I’ve prepared. There’s always a bit of training, so users of all levels can get something out of the session.”

Moreover, participants can join and quit whenever they like. “The sessions are not part of a series. You can take them separately. But if you really want to adapt to the corona era and improve your online skills, I would recommend that you participate in the RoundTable for approximately nine months. It may sound like a long time, but it’s not — especially not if you realize that working with an online learning environment redefines all processes in your organization. If you set out to adapt to the new reality without the RoundTable, it will take a lot longer.”

Incidentally, the RoundTable is not all that time-consuming: “You will spend up to one and a half hours a week on it. The result of this investment is that you can constantly improve — during and in between sessions, as we work in the LearningStone environment, where you can retrieve training materials and exchange thoughts.”

So, what’s the result of the RoundTable? “Trainers find that their online training courses are more effective. And that’s the ultimate goal!”


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