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Create your own blended training within 4 weeks

As a trainer, you would love to develop a blended training with an online learning environment. But you simply can’t find the time. How to set up an environment? And how to get the most out of your online platform?

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This fall, Petra Aartsen and Annelies Tegel from the TrainersAcademie will organize an à la carte learning experience on this topic. In four sprints, you will jointly go through a learning journey to transform your own training into an online learning path within LearningStone (an online learning environment which was specifically created for trainers). In this blog post, Petra and en Annelies explain what you can expect!


New and existing methods in the online learning environment

“Many trainers like to receive guidance on translating their offline method into online interaction,” says Petra. “So, during the accelerators, we will discuss the differences between physical and online settings. You will learn to coordinate a virtual classroom and handle new asynchronous methods. For example, participants can keep online logbooks the trainer can respond to. This is a relatively easy form of customization that ensures participants can work at their own pace while still receiving personal attention. This option doesn’t exist in the offline world.”

Furthermore, accelerator participants will get a glimpse behind the ‘blended scenes’ of the TrainersAcademie. “Together, we will assess if — and if so, how — you can use this method,” says Petra. “Examples include instructional videos and infographics. A blended training is a great way to respond to new generations’ receptiveness to images.”


Setting up a blended training: a fun process that leads to results

There’s one more aspect that will be addressed during the accelerators. “We will discuss how you can adapt your training method to combine live and online while having fun and booking results,” Annelies explains. “Setting up an online learning environment is a comprehensive process. Often, trainers can’t find the time to do it. What’s great about the accelerators is that upon completion, you’ll have your very own blended learning environment. You can offer your training using the LearningStone platform right away.”

Incidentally, you will do a lot more than just learning how to work with LearningStone: “We will discuss online and offline aspects. For example, we’ll also highlight marketing and expectation management.”

Petra explains it will all be part of a gradual process: “You can’t learn these things overnight. During the first two weeks, we will organize virtual sessions. Additionally, participants will work on assignments independently. During the third and fourth week, you will receive feedback, and we will jointly work on your blended training. Upon completion, you’ll get a certificate that shows you can offer training courses through your own online learning environment!”


Facts at a glance

Dates: fall 2021 — Start your first accelerator in September or October, picking the moment that suits you best. You need to complete your fourth accelerator before December 31st.

Fee: € 3,000 — includes 21% VAT and use of the LearningStone environment for one year (PRO5 subscription).

Would you like to know more? Or do you want to register for this learning experience now? Head to https://trainersacademie.com/leeromgeving (Dutch)



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