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Sneak preview of the new LearningStone

Hopefully you are enjoying a great summer, while LearningStone is running smoothly, taking care of all your online needs as a trainer or coach. In the meantime, we’re working hard on the all new LearningStone and would love to share a sneak preview.


A new LearningStone?

As the world is getting more mobile every day, online applications need to constantly evolve to support new needs and devices. We have redesigned LearningStone and will be releasing this to you later this year.

It’s a big change and a huge improvement. Today we'll give you a first sneak preview and we’ll be telling you more as we progress. Some of our users already asked: does my workspace change too? The answer is yes. We’re bringing such tremendous improvements to the platform that it wouldn’t make sense to keep the old one around. We understand that both you, your trainees and coachees will need to get used to it before enjoying the improvements in full. We’ll be there to help introduce it. We also realize that many of you are fans of the platform as it is now. We have carefully designed the new version to not loose the benefits of the old one but we have killed some of our own darlings such as a high topbar for a large logo, to offer a more usable flexible interface with a lot more space for the actual content. 


What’s new:

-          New navigation that has been developed for small, medium and large screens

-          A consistent use across devices using screen space when we can and offering good alternatives in other situations

-          Better redirection from notification mails

-          A modern cleaner look (it is going to be beautiful!!)

-          Larger images and inline video viewing

-          A smoother interaction with page components like entry fields.

-          New, fresher icons

-          An app-icon for on the home-page of your phone

-          The wall is evolving into an integrated notification and collaboration stream

-          And lots more!


Have a look!

 Click to view to view our prototypes.







Click to let us know what you think!


Thank you

Learningstone is built with our own Zotonic, an open source framework and we are constantly working together with others to improve the framework and to give back to the developers’ community. We have a lot to thank Google for as they brought us Material Design . We are also grateful for the folks working on Bootstrap (an interface framework) and the team at Creative Tim for helping us create such an efficient interface. We love the iconography from Font Awesome and you’ll see that the new library gives everything a crispier and more balanced look.



Interested in LearningStone? Ask us for a tour! Want to know what our users think? Read their testimonials here. If you want to receive blogs like these by mail, sign up here (new window).


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