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Are you ready for LearningStone 2019 on December 2nd? + free webinar


For our free webinar on Friday December 7 see below (you will also see all the changes)!

On December 1st and 2nd, we’ll be releasing the biggest update for LearningStone since 2014. The interface will be much better! 

For a sneak preview, have a look here. We’ve been getting questions about the upcoming release.
The main question is: what do we have to do?

This is what will happen: On December 1st, all LearningStone users will see a warning that there will be some maintenance expected the next morning and that the interface will change.

December 2nd, between 1AM-3 AM EST / 6 AM-7 AM CET your LearningStone workspace will be converted to the new layout. Unfortunately we cannot make exceptions to this planning. In the hours after this, our team will be checking your workspace for any anomalies. As there are thousands of changes, we will be checking for any conflicts and will provide fixes or suggestions for your content if needed. We have tested the new interface extensively but we know our users get very creative.



What do you have to do?

Depending on your users, you might want to send out an email in the coming two weeks, explaining the upcoming changes.  If you are a workspace manager, simply go to “Messages”, choose Compose > Select groups (choose all members) and send the message. Your main message should be: all functionalities will remain the same, but buttons and links will be in a different place and it will look better. If you are curious about the changes, we suggest you check some examples of your content in the afternoon. Any surprises? Let us know using the Feedback function.


Blended learning as a better business model (and new Design) 
Free webinar on Friday December 7

On Friday December 7, the founders of LearningStone will talk about "Blended learning as a better business model" during a 30 minute live webinar. 

Blended learning is the combination of live and online training. It increases learning efficiency and find out why it’s good for business too (see " Blended Learning as a better business mode l").

Please sign up here.


EST: 11 AM (New York)

BST: 16:00 (London)

CET: 17:00 (Amsterdam, Berlin)





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