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LearningStone 2019 Live!

This morning all LearningStone workspaces were transferred to the new LearningStone. Hello LearningStone 2019!


LearningStone Responsive

What's new?

  • New navigation that has been developed for small, medium and large screens
  • Consistent use on different devices with use of screen space when it is available and good alternatives when it is not
  • Better routing of links in e-mail notifications
  • A modern, clean look (do you love it too?)
  • Larger images and inline video
  • A smoother interaction with page components.
  • New, fresher icons (and a lot more!).
  • An app icon for the home page of your phone.
  • The wall is now an integrated notification and collaboration stream.
  • The following functions have been updated: Docs, Dialogs, Messaging, Albums, Course Timeline View, Dialogues, Settings, Workspace settings, Profile, News, Account, Preferences, Form and more. The old web-chat has been deactivated.

 Watch the vide tour on the new LearningStone





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