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5 reasons to not embrace blended learning (and do they make sense?)

At LearningStone, we are very excited about blended learning, a mix between face-to-face training and online learning. But we know that some people have their doubts about it. Let’s have a look at their top reasons to not embrace blended learning, including the most frequently heard statements. Do these make sense?

5 reasons not to do Blended matthew-hamilton-159691-unsplash.jpg

1. Nobody understands an iota of it

• “I don’t get it”

• “My employees, customers, and participants don’t get it”

• “My customers don’t want to work digitally”

• “Only millennials can learn in this way, and my participants are in their fifties”

• “A new generation of trainers is required to work this way”

The first statement is the most honest one we hear. Our response: you don’t have to be a computer programmer. If participants know their way around Facebook, they can definitely work with our learning platform. And if those managing the learning platform know what a browser is and are familiar with the terms ‘uploading’ and ‘downloading,’ everything will be fine.


2. All this technology is driving me crazy

• “I don’t want any more tools”

• “I’m already forgetting all of my passwords”

Simplicity is key to us. Sharing documents and videos through Google Docs, communicating through Facebook, and scheduling in Outlook are no longer necessary. You’ll be using one tool for everything.


3. I don’t have time for it

• “This will cost us a lot of extra time”

• “We’re way too busy”

• “We’d rather focus on learning”

Of course, blended learning will take some time at the start. But once you’re used to it, you’ll actually save many hours. Serving customers, delivering content, planning ahead: you’ll handle everything faster.


4. It’s much more expensive

• “Who’s going to pay for it?”

• “My customers don’t want to spend more”

• “I think it’s way too expensive”

It’s true that you’ll need to reconsider your business model and make a calculation. But ultimately, you will see that you’ll save time and money while your customer will benefit from a higher ROI.


5. It isn’t for us

• “We like to connect with people at a personal level”

• “We like to work with people”

Our response to both statements? ‘The same goes for us!’ And yet we believe in blended learning. We like to help our participants organize their time well, precisely because we value them. That is why we enable flexible learning. Blended learning allows participants to organize their time and contact the trainer and other participants when it best suits them. They use their time optimally: they spend less time traveling and the turnaround time on questions is faster!



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