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Your own learning environment or a SaaS application: what’s the best option?

You’ve decided that you need one platform for learning and communication. But you’ve got an important choice to make: will you hire an IT company to develop it yourself or opt for a SaaS application? We’ve listed some facts in this blog, so you can make a well-considered decision.

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Building your own platform: do you have all the required skills?

Hiring an IT company to build a learning environment means you have to invest a considerable amount of money. “But it will yield a lot,” you say. It’s an understandable thought, but unfortunately, many training agencies end up being disappointed. They underestimate the project management skills, energy, and money required to build and maintain a learning platform. For example, you should be able to assess which technology suits you best. Furthermore, you’ll need to bear all costs, because the platform is exclusively built for you. The question is, do you really want this?

SaaS application: advanced, shared, cost-effective ‘toolbox’

A SaaS application provides you with a kind of toolbox that contains a variety of useful tools, which you can, but don’t have to, use. You’ll often want to, though - some of these tools may surprise you, and it simply hasn’t occurred to you before to deploy them.

If you want to add a certain functionality, it’s usually easy to do so. Generally, you won’t have to pay for this functionality when it’s interesting for the broader training market. In that case, the company behind the SaaS application will gladly invest in its development. Of course, this works both ways: you also benefit from other users’ knowledge and ideas, such as privacy settings for notifications and the application’s availability in additional languages. Furthermore, it’s often easy to adapt the design to your corporate identity, so the environment matches your brand!

If one user identifies a bug, it is removed, and the problem is solved for everyone. Moreover, costs are both lower and more transparent. You share them with the entire market, knowing exactly what your expenses are. Briefly put, the development and use of your learning platform will benefit from continuity. A welcome asset, as it allows you to focus on your core task: to provide excellent training!




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