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In our customers’ words: “Participants get more out of the course and remain committed”

By now, it’s more than obvious: LearningStone believes in the power of blended learning. But how do our customers feel about it? In this blog, two of them share their experience: Chris Hebling, social worker and systemic and gestalt therapist, and Hansje Veen, social worker. What has blended learning meant to them?

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“There’s a surprising value to blended learning”

“We often detect a fear of blended learning among our professional peers. They assume this online approach replaces ‘the real thing,’ the experience of ‘aha’ moments, and group cohesion. However, that’s never the intention – and in our experience, it doesn’t correspond to reality, either. Long before it became a trend in our field, we decided to experiment with online platforms on which we had group participants perform tasks. Soon, one thing became clear: there was a surprising value to the platforms. Not only for us, but also – or in fact, especially – for people who wanted to grow. Like our participants, we are very enthusiastic about the effectiveness of blended learning!”

“Benefits for participants and for us”

 “Course materials, moments for growth, and opportunities for contact and support can easily be continued online. We’ve noticed that commitment wanes much less in between meetings. Participants get more out of the course and don’t drop out that often. And because they fill out their own intake forms, among other things, the approach saves us time. We’ve also had quite some fun with blended learning. We have, for example, developed quizzes, evaluations, and videos in which we explain the theory. Additionally, we’ve used film clips and exchange structures which are reminiscent of social media but are much safer. This way, participants continue the group and learning experience at home. And upon completing the course, they can download a certificate.” 

“Customization and tailored support”

“We use LearningStone for our blended learning courses. In our view, two elements make this program special: it provides customization and it fully tailors support to our practice. Moreover, LearningStone offers a safe environment for learning and collaboration. As a result, the platform enriches our courses!”



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