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How to use peer feedback on a blended learning platform

Keeping participants committed and active is every trainer’s goal. In live situations, you can often achieve this objective in a natural way. A chat at the coffee machine to discuss progress, for example, can be very effective. But when you only have one monthly live meeting, you should use other methods to keep people motivated. In that case, peer feedback works really well. It allows participants to provide each other with constructive criticism - a surefire way to stay committed!

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What can you achieve with peer feedback?

When participants can assess each other’s assignments, they actively work with the training materials. As a result, they learn more - in a better way. This is reinforced if you also let them share experiences, which can be done in the most literal sense of the word (participants record a short video and share it with the group), but also in a more indirect way (participants discuss how they deal with certain types of customers to jointly determine the best approach).

To increase commitment, you can give participants the option to like contributions. The latter can be anything, including comments, documents, and videos. Furthermore, you can allow them to participate in discussions so they can jointly form an opinion on relevant topics. This way, they remain involved in the course during their daily work and private life.

How to create more commitment and activity in LearningStone

LearningStone supports peer feedback and other forms of increased commitment in a variety of ways. Participants can, for example, save assignments online on the platform so the entire group can respond to them - not only text-based, but also video assignments which have been recorded with a smartphone. One of our customers, a karate school, enabled young students to post videos of themselves practising karate moves.

When new content has been posted on the LearningStone platform, all participants receive a notification. This encourages them to have a look and post a comment or like the contribution. As a trainer, you can view these activities and likes in a progress report, which enables you to assess the group’s activity and the effectiveness of the chosen method. This allows you to make timely adjustments. Very useful, because this way, everyone will get the most out of the course!



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