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How to use microlearning to optimize your blended learning training

When participants only get together occasionally as part of a training (for example, if they meet once a month), a range of daily tasks impede the learning process. As a result, they tend to forget course materials in between two live meetings. Want to prevent this from happening? Then stimulate their minds through microlearning: short assignments you let them perform during these intervals. You can do this in a variety of ways. We’ll tell you all about it in this blog!

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Micro-assignments: the ‘how’ and the ‘why’

Microlearning can be deployed in several ways. You can, for example, share a video or a short text based on which participants should complete a simple quiz, test, or assignment, either using peer feedback or not. The trainer can announce these micro-assignments during live meetings, but it’s also possible to send out automated emails at unexpected moments. The better the short assignment matches the materials participants are currently working with, the greater the effect.

The number-one benefit of microlearning is that it keeps participants committed and active. This method keeps them focused and helps them apply acquired knowledge in practice. They are also better prepared - for example, because they’ve watched a short video prior to a live meeting and reflected on a question posed by the trainer.

LearningStone: creative building blocks and monitoring tools for the trainer

Consider LearningStone a lego set. Everyone works from the same foundation, using a range of building blocks to create a wide variety of working methods. Trainers can deploy these in very creative ways - for example, by preparing automated messages about micro-assignments well in advance. A useful progress overview then shows the trainer the work participants have submitted and the comments they posted. This makes it possible to monitor participants’ commitment as well as the effectiveness of the working method.

By way of conclusion, we’d like to share an example of an original micro-assignment: when we introduced likes on our learning platform, one of our customers put a teaser on the course timeline. The first person who used this functionality would win a fun prize. The result: very alert and committed participants!



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