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New display options

We have added new display options to LearningStoone course timelines. Most importantly it is now possible to show both video and other content in full width without icons in course timelines.

IMPORTANT: in some cases we have supported wide content before. Please check your content to see if the width is still correct and use the settings below to adapt the width or add or remove an icon.
If you want to remove the title for a course timeline block as in the example above, move the title to the "Short title"field.


Have you discovered the new icons in LearningStone? To encourage a cleaner look, we have set the light versions of icons as default choices in most situations. Are you overwhelmed by the amount? Use CTRL-F or Cmd-F to search for description (English only). Try searching for "Rocket" for one of our favorites.

Let us know what you think with the Feedback & Support link below!



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