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How can blended learning enrich your offer?

As a training agency, you want to offer top-notch quality. After all, that’s paramount – especially in today’s landscape. Competition is growing and technological developments follow each other rapidly. Training agencies that want to survive should be able to use digital tools. In fact, if you embrace these and deploy them in the right way, you can enrich your offer considerably. How to go about it? We’ll tell you in this blog.

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1. Participants will stay involved

Traditionally, the period between two live meetings is a problem for trainers. Busy work schedules and day-to-day worries often prevent participants from working on their training. The result is that once they arrive at the next meeting, they can’t remember what they discussed last time. The challenge is to constantly keep them involved. Blended learning is the perfect solution, as it ensures participants can also work with course materials at home or in the office. Moreover, they’ll continue to be encouraged, because they’re constantly kept abreast of their fellow participants’ activity. This incentive allows them to get the most out of their training. The result: more involved participants, a higher ROI, and a considerably lower number of dropouts.


2. Participants can count on each other

Trainers can use peer feedback on a blended learning platform, but a sense of community can also be encouraged in a variety of other ways. For example, participants can ask each other questions about issues they face or assignments they don’t fully understand. The platform offers a means to maintain contact and build connections remotely – in between live meetings.


3. Employees can conveniently study in the office

 With a method like flipping the classroom , participants can work on the theoretical part of the training at home or in the office. Valuable live meetings are used for in-depth discussions and interaction. If you use a blended learning platform for such a method, you can tell your customers their employees won’t have to leave the office very often while learning a ton. Furthermore, they’ll spend less time traveling, which is beneficial in terms of costs and sustainability. If you offer such an optimized training, your customers will benefit from a much higher ROI!


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