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How to create structure and achieve uniformity in your training agency

Today, training agencies are structured differently than in the past. While they used to hire a large number of people, they increasingly opt to work with a small team of permanent employees. Around it, they often build a comprehensive network of self-employed people whom they deploy in busy times and for larger projects. This trend has its advantages, but it also comes with bottlenecks. For how can you achieve uniformity and create your own brand within this new framework?

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Customer wish: reliability and quality

One thing is usually paramount to potential customers: they want to work with a reliable training agency. Size matters in this regard. A sole proprietorship, for example, carries the risk of collapsing should the owner become unavailable. Therefore, an agency’s size is still impressing.

Another important aspect is quality. A keyword is ‘unambiguity:’ the customer constantly expects high-quality materials and the right approach, regardless of the number of trainers involved in the project. This requires a little branding. And by ensuring that your offer is unambiguous, you also protect your knowledge and property. This is particularly important when working with self-employed people. After all, you need to create recognizability and uniformity – in terms of content as well as design. Your logo and company name should be linked to your training courses.

The question is, how do you achieve these things?

Blended-learning platform: one agency, one style

A blended-learning environment can help you offer unambiguous training materials, even if these are presented by a different trainer. You can easily store them in one central place, reuse them for different groups, and have different trainers present them. Additionally, you can onboard new participants in a trice. And if participants take a second (or third) training course with a different trainer at your agency, they’ll recognize the environment and associate it with your brand. This way, you’ll distinguish yourself as a company. Moreover, you can monitor the activities of trainers and participants.

How this works in practice? There’s a course program where you put up the schedule and all training materials. Then you give the trainer and participants access to the ‘group space,’ where they can easily retrieve this information. See it this way: the blended-learning platform is like a school building with classrooms that contain closets full of materials. For each training, you create a new classroom. You put a trainer in front of the classroom and invite participants to enter the brand-new room, though within the same school building with the same name and architecture!

Want to create structure and achieve uniformity in your training agency? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss your opportunities.



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