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New privacy features for safer learning

Since LearningStone was created, privacy has been one of our core design principles. For many types of training and coaching, participants need to feel safe in their online environment. So long before the GDPR (European privacy law) (new window) was launched, we designed for privacy.

But the job is never done! Could we make it even ‘privater’? (yes we know, it’s not a word, but it should be :). Thanks to discussions with our Pittsburgh client Solutions 21 (nieuw venster), we decided to add an extra layer of privacy, this time to email messages and notifications.


Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash


As LearningStone users know, there are many different types of messages in our platform: scheduled messages, posts and comments, dialogues, direct messages to individuals or groups, updates about documents or galleries etc etc. The problem was: even though the platform was private, the fact that notifications were sent out with the content of the message in it, could sometimes mean that confidential information was sent right into the mail server of a participant’s workplace. Time to get privater!

How and when

So… who decides to hide content in your email? We realized that this decision could be taken by several people. This can be the administrator of the whole learning environment (the LearningStone workspace), the manager of a training or coaching space but also the recipient of the messages. We made all that possible!

Today the new privacy settings went live. Do you need them? That’s up to you, and you, and you…. We certainly don’t suggest hiding content in emails in all situations as it forces users to go to the platform a lot. But if you do need the extra privacy: just go to your workspace or groupspace settings if you’re a manager or to your own preferences. Automatic messages have their own settings and direct messages listen to the default setting but you can reverse them for more- or less sensitive messages. Calendar reminders are the only messages that are never hidden as we don’t want anyone to come too late!



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