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How to use blended learning for a highly personal training

Some people believe that the use of a digital learning environment is, by definition, very impersonal. But nothing could be further from the truth in a blended-learning program which allows you to make optimal use of digital and face-to-face opportunities. In reality, such a blended-learning program helps you deliver a highly personal form of training.

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Flexibility is key

Blended learning offers the flexibility to shape every training as required at the moment. You can’t always see a topical dilemma coming. You might not know a participant struggles with it, or the dilemma has not yet occurred when you’re preparing the training. This is especially relevant for experiential learning, where trainers talk to participants to determine what issues they struggle with.

If you deploy blended learning, you discuss the participant’s issues. You can do this either live or in the online environment. Once you’ve identified the participant’s need, you can gradually expand the program in the same place. Later, you can standardize the materials you’ve created and saved here. Of course, you don’t have to if they’re very specific. The great thing is that you have the flexibility to make that decision. By initiating discussions and enriching the training step by step, you can always take a new direction if necessary. You don’t work with a pre-written book that you need to adhere to.

Another advantage is that you work on the content’s flexible structure online, so you are perfectly prepared for the current state of affairs during the live meeting!

Personalizing a training: 2 tips

What can you do to make your training as personal as possible with blended learning? We’ll give you 2 practical tips.

  1. Participants have the opportunity to bring up topical dilemmas, but it also works the other way around: as a trainer, you can link to current affairs related to discussions with participants. It’s easy to share these links on the blended-learning platform.

  2. If you provide experiential training, you can use the calendar feature to create a signup list in the blended-learning environment. Participants can sign up for available time slots to schedule a live online brainstorming session with you. This way, you’ll make sure there’s enough face-to-face contact – even remotely!

Want to provide a highly personal training in a blended-learning environment? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss your opportunities.



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