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Webinars and blended learning: how to (re)use your content

Blended learning combines live and online – or, synchronous and asynchronous sessions. If you organize a synchronous (live) session, everyone can attend it at the same location. But participants can also follow this session through a webinar, so everyone can participate from their own location.

If you’re aiming for an optimal mix of these forms, a webinar is indispensable. It allows you to supplement live meetings which you hold in the same room, considerably enriching your training. After all, participants can attend the webinar from home, from the office, or even while they’re on the road. This helps all parties save a lot of time and money. But how can you make smart use of your webinar, so you’ll get the most out of it for trainers and participants?

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How to get the most from your webinar

An important aspect of blended learning is that participants can set up their own learning schedules. This definitely goes for the asynchronous part. The synchronous part is easier to schedule if it can be taken independent of location, as there’s no need to take commuting time into account. Yet there will always be people who can’t attend a live webinar. You’ll want to record it for them, so they can watch it later. An additional advantage is that this allows you to bypass time zones: by offering a webinar in synchronous and video-on-demand form, you increase your reach considerably.

Let’s take it a step further. Some webinars contain so much information that they provide reusable content. Is this the case for you? Then translate this content into different methods, creating teaching materials participants can study – first individually, then in interactive form. You can achieve this in 2 steps:

  1. Cut the webinar into short videos whose length is manageable (preferably a few minutes), keeping the principles of microlearning in mind. Then post the videos in the blended learning environment (you might want to do this on a daily basis), where participants can easily watch them.
  2. Add an interactive element, such as a test or an option for giving peer feedback. This allows participants to actively work with the training materials you provided.


How does this work in practice?

Uploading and combining a video in LearningStone is a breeze. In the blended-learning environment, you can record and (re)use all kinds of materials. Let your creative juices flow: post short videos of your webinar, attach a quiz to them, and encourage participants to enter into discussions. The blended-learning platform is fully designed to foster collaboration, so it’s very easy to apply the above tips!


Want to get the most out of your webinar and cross borders with a user-friendly blended-learning platform? Please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your opportunities.



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