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Profitable videos and webinars: which blended-learning platform should you use?

Who are our partners, and how do they deal with blended learning? Sandra de Milliano, our brand-new partner in Belgium, lifts a corner of the veil and presents a webinar (sign up below!).


“My goal is to achieve maximum financial and learning outcomes”

Sandra helps organizations and training agencies to tackle (blended) learning processes in a profitable, effective way, providing them with A-to-Z guidance. Together with her clients, she creates a business plan, determines a budget, and develops a didactic scenario using the right online tools and media to achieve maximum learning outcomes. Videos and live webinars can be recorded in the WebinarSolutions studios, which are specifically optimized for this purpose.

After having written a book on the subject matter, Sandra decided it was time to take the next step: she founded an online publishing company to provide entrepreneurs with even more support in producing, publishing, and spreading online knowledge products, such as complete online learning paths including videos, live webinars, animated videos, podcasts, and e-books. This helps them gain international brand recognition as well as access to new markets and target groups should they so desire. “LearningStone fits perfectly into the overall solution my publishing company offers,” says Sandra.


“LearningStone is accessible and user friendly”

During her quest for the right learning platform, Sandra looked at a considerable number of providers. “Several criteria, such as accessibility and user friendliness, were crucial. I found a lot of providers in the US, but I could only buy licenses from them. In terms of service, they offered zilch. And don’t expect them to adapt the platform to your wishes – which happens to be very important to me, as many of my clients already have their own online environment. They want to integrate a learning platform into that environment, an option LearningStone offers.  Moreover, the platform is easy to use: it does what it’s supposed to do without overwhelming you with unnecessary bells and whistles.”


“With LearningStone, I can offer my clients multilingualism and an overview”

The fact that LearningStone is available in several languages is an invaluable asset to Sandra: “I operate at a global level, so English and Dutch are a must. Often, my Belgian clients require a blended-learning environment in 2 languages – French and Dutch – from the get-go. German is a pretty popular language as well. Any platform that’s not available in all those languages would be an instant no-go for me.”

Sandra is very happy with the overview LearningStone offers: “Every trainer can independently create and maintain their own learning environment. At the same time, there’s a dashboard that shows participants all the LearningStone learning paths they’ve enrolled in at a single glance. That’s incredibly useful for my online publishing company. After all, it allows my clients’ customers to see which learning paths they’ve purchased in one environment, even if these learning paths have been created by different experts.”


Register now!

Want to know how you can create and promote a profitable learning platform using videos and/or webinars? On March 19th, 2020, Sandra and LearningStone will organize a webinar to help you get started. Register now!



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