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New email technology for better deliverability

In recent months, mail providers - especially Microsoft Outlook, Live, Hotmail and 365 - have become much stricter in receiving mail but they also make a lot of mistakes. As a result, many senders - including LearningStone - sometimes suffer from mail that ends up in junk and spam folders by mistake. A pain in the @$#!!


To reduce future problems, LearningStone's email architecture has been thoroughly redesigned and integrated with MailGun

The new mail route will go live slowly during the so called warm up phase which lasts about 30 days and it is actually possible that some mail will end up in the spam filter unless you react! If you see that happening,  please "train" your spamfilter by clicking on the mail and telling mail client it's not spam or junk (for the whole domain) as soon as possible.

 Click here to know how

 By the way, new anti-virus and anti-phishing technology is now going live as well! Let us know if you want to know more!

By the way, did you already read about our new app?




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