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How to boost the quality of your training and increase your income with blended learning

To trainers and training agencies, quality improvement is key. With high-quality training, you can improve your offer and better respond to customer demand. What can blended learning do for you in terms of increasing the quality of your training? And how will it affect your income?

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How do participants benefit from blended learning?

Ensuring participants stay committed in between live meetings has been one of the trainer’s main challenges for years. Due to day-to-day worries in the workplace, the theme of a training quickly falls into the background. With blended learning, you can keep participants focused by enabling interaction in between live sessions. A solid platform allows them to learn and communicate in a very accessible way – including introverted participants, who often find it a lot easier to connect with others through this route.

You can upload videos – an indispensable element in this visual era – or have participants complete short (video) assignments and tests to help them master course materials. They’ll be better prepared for live sessions, which allows you to provide in-depth training.

If you adopt the right blended learning approach, the impact and learning efficiency of a training are much higher. On top of that, the training often gets a lot more interesting: participants learn faster, find it easier to put theory into practice, and get more out of the training.


How do trainers benefit?

As blended learning ensures your corporate identity is visible and recognizable, it contributes to branding in a valuable way. In addition, blended learning helps you build long-term relationships with existing customers. The training also becomes more interesting and dynamic for the trainer, because they can focus more on social learning and extracting knowledge. And you obviously save time, as you only need to set up a blended-learning platform once, after which you can reuse it for other training courses. You can spend the hours saved on more in-depth tasks.


What about the financial part?

Blended learning can lead to a significant efficiency boost – under certain conditions: you should let part of the learning process continue automatically, and you need to charge people for this new form of learning. Recently, we performed a workshop analysis and found that writing out higher invoices often requires a change in mindset. During a workshop, most trainers said they invoice participants’ attendance, but don’t charge for learning outcomes. They’re being too modest. There’s nothing wrong with being rewarded for offering added value. But you need to take the initiative!

Do you want to know more about a user-friendly blended-learning platform that helps you offer added value? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to discuss your opportunities.



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