The Little Brain Quiz 1.0


What do you know about the brain?

Psychologists have proven in a myriad of experiments that "retrieval practice" increases the likelihood that you will remember something. Tests and quizzes help you learn. Actually, it helps a lot more than simply repeating the learning. And the good news is: experiments have shown that "low stakes" testing stimulates learning too. So you don't have to create formal exams for the learning process, you simply create tests and quizzes.

Ready for 4 fun questions? Choose "Start".

LearningStone helps you put together tests and quizzes in no time with the forms editor which is even included in the free plan, with no limits to the number of respondents and tests and quizzes (and it's great for intake forms, evaluations and surveys too!). You can either send the test or quiz out directly or integrate it into a LearningStone course timeline.

We have lots of examples for you in the LearningStone help, but you can experience it with this short quiz right now!

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