TPRS Academy

TPRS Academy - Part time academic TPRS teacher training

Welcome at the TPRS Academy learning community for the Part time academic TPRS teacher training. On this platform, we offer our students step by step a wealth of interesting information that prepares students for the practical activities in the course days, and allows them to deepen their knowledge and skills after the course days. 

In this community, students can also start conversations, share experiences and ask questions in between the course days. The online agenda keeps students updated on deadlines and upcoming events, and the online system for document sharing makes sharing homework and feedback easier than ever before. 

So, whether you prefer to study in the evening, in the weekend or on week days, you can always and everywhere access the community. Of course, our trainers are regularly online to answer any questions you may have.

For more information on our teacher training course and our workshops, please call +31 6 1232 9694 or check out our website.