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Ludens Talentontwikkeling is specialized in training and coaching for Young Professionals. After being founded in 2008 by two passionate trainers, the company has grown into a solid business partner in the field of Management Development.

Ludens designs and delivers programs that provide a practical approach for business succes in a competitive environment. With these programs we inspire and guide employees on their path of self improvement. Their distinctive way of working ensures lasting results, which enables them to really make a diffrence.



Needless to say, our trainers each have their own style. What you can expect from all of them however is:

  • that they provide a safe and challenging learning environment;
  • that they include 'whatever is going on' in the learning process;
  • that they are flexible, without ever losing sight of the theme or the objectives;
  • that they give participants feedback regarding  their behaviour and the effect thereof in an open and respectful manner;
  • that they stimulate and activate, constantly making sure that this ties in with the participant's own learning process;
  • that they all adhere to the same point of departure which is that each participant is ultimately responsible for his or her own  learning process.

For more information you can look at the website:


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