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12 LearningStone Introduction

General Introduction  (4 min)

How to get started with your workspace and groups.   
1. LearningStone landing pages. 
2. Functions and course timelines.
3. Editing.

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700. Introduction to course timelines

Introduction to course timelines (14 min)

How to create a course timeline and how to manage them.      

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Progress Markers

Progress markers (8 min)

 Adding progress markers for reporting, analytics, gamification,  and engagement.   

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Forms, surveys, tests, and quizzes
Forms, Surveys, Tests & Quizzes (9 min)

Create surveys, evaluations, intake forms, signups, self grading tests etc in no time!  .   

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The Certificate Generator
The Certificate Generator (6 min)

How to add a certificate generator to create certificates, diplomas and awards.  blocks  .   

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Calendars and signup lists
Creating Signup Lists  (2 min)

Create a signup list for individuals time slots or available places in a group event.

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LearningStone workspaces & public pages
Workspaces and public pages (2 min)

What's a workspace and how to edit public pages?   

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