Connection Test

On this page you can test the connection of your browser to our server and to the internet in general.
Several aspects of the connection are tested:


Browser Connectivity

Your browser as it identifies itself to our server and your IP address. This is essential information for the help desk, but we do not store any personal data.

CCBot/2.0 (
Client IP address

The test below checks the connection between your machine, Google and our site.
A latency of less than 50 milliseconds is very good, more than 250 milliseconds is slow.
There should not be any timeouts, if there are timeouts then your internet connection is losing packets.

Ping Google
Ping LearningStone

MQTT Bridge Connection Status

This tests the communication with the server. The Pong Count should increase every second, without any errors.

Websocket Support?
MQTT Bridge
Pong Count
Pong Latency
Pong Errors

Web Worker Status

This tests the authentication with the server. The authentication should show Authenticated or Anonymous.

Auth Web Worker?
Service Worker?