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Our digital solutions are a perfect way to keep your remote teams learning and developing, anytime and anywhere.

There is no need for travel anymore, they are easier to plug in their busy agendas and the time in between sessions provides room for processing and digestion of content!

How we roll online:

  • We use a mix of live video sessions of max 2 hours spread over several days or weeks allowing time to process and reflect in between
  • Participants have access to our online learning environment for self-paced learning and in-between classroom activities such as reading, questionnaires, exercises, video’s and podcasts
  • We offer one-on-one online coaching and support in between classrooms
  • We limit group size to 18 participants per group for an optimal dynamic and connection
  • Participants can decide how deep they want their learning to be. We provide access to additional resources for the hungry heart in class


Helen Wray - Health & Wellbeing Lead – Europe & Russia MARS
helen straigth.jpg

In this pandemic Zest for Work redesigned our signature Energy Management program to a 2-month learning journey our associates enjoy to participate in. Their trainers are absolute experts in the field and provide the human touch needed during the virtual classrooms. Our course study data shows that pre-course only 13% of Associates were fully energized. 6 weeks post course, 45% of the participants reports to be fully energized. And increase of 245%. I do not expect we will ever move back to 100% face-2-face.


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