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Online Career Discovery Workshop

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How can I own and steer my career and why should I?

As a manager, how can I support my employees to do so?





It becomes increasingly important that individuals have a clear career vision, know what they want, and develop the necessary career management skills to get there. Next to this, line managers and organisations must help facilitate the empowerment of employees to take charge over their careers to sustain performance, health and happiness.

This highly interactive workshop was developed with the University of Antwerp based on the latest science on contemporary careers.

Online Learning Journey

Our online blended format is a 4 hours learning journey combining:

  • Prework activities: self reflection and career attitudes assessment (30 min)
  • 2 online group sessions (1.5 hours each) with individual online work in between (30 min)


Learning objectives

We offer an employee version or a manager version.

After the workshop participants:

  • Understand how the playing field, the career deal, has changed - and their own role in it
  • Understand why it is important to manage and control their own careers in today's world
  • Start to discover what subjective career success means for them
  • Understand what career self-management actually means and how they can translate that into concrete behaviour
  • Are aware of their own skills to effectively manage their careers, and know how to develop those skills
  • Have identified concrete action points for themselves and their own careers
  • Know how their organization supports them
  • Line Managers can use the career attitudes model to coach their employees in career conversations (Managers only)


How can I sign up?

Contact us at info@zestforwork.com


Evgenia Taratynova - Manager, Global Transparency Reporting
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Janssen - Online Career Discovery workshop - June 2020

"That was one of the most engaging online courses I have ever took part in. I liked the content, the way it was organized, the questions and exercises we were offered. It included a lot of practical tips and recommendations which can be applied immediately. It certainly brings more clarity to the career development question. Very inspiring!"

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