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Closing the Strategy-to-Performance Gap

A Strategy-to-Performance Gap occurs when organizations have different goals, expectations, and strategies, leading to wasted effort and underperformance. To close this gap, organizations need better communication and collaborative processes for aligning their efforts.

According to McKinsey, 85% of the executives believe that their company's performance suffers when their strategy doesn't align with operations. About 60% of executives cite lack of alignment as the primary reason for not achieving business goals. This problem is known as the Strategy-to-Performance Gap.

Businesses struggle to succeed long-term when they fail to align goals with employee activities. They spend time and resources on strategic initiatives without understanding their impact on day-to-day operations.

Closing the Strategy-to-Performance gap with our Business Savvy Program improves performance immediately and drives cultural change. It impacts the organization's capabilities, strategies, competitiveness, and stakeholder value.

With Business Savvy Teams, your strategy will be implemented, improving employee engagement and results from day one.

With our Business Savvy Program, you can close the Strategy-to-Performance Gap and realize tangible results and maximize your employees' potential.

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