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Blended training and coaching

LearningStone is a safe online learning and collaboration environment that supports training and coaching. Improve your current offering and provide your clients with a higher return on their training and coaching investment. Finally, one platform that supports both basic online training and coaching and advanced blended learning, social learning, micro learning and spaced learning!

Collaborative or solo?

LearningStone Powered Platforms   


Who is it for?

LearningStone is used all over the world by training and coaching professionals who need to support blended training or coaching with an excellent digital platform. LearningStone is offered as an affordable subscription or as a dedicated technology platform. See Plans.

 Use cases & industries

Now available in 7 languages!

Blended training or coaching in 2 minutes!

LearningStone loves blended training and coaching.
With the right tools, you can save time, improve quality, and focus on your participants.
We support both collaborative and individual scenarios which means that you can support groups of participants learning and working together but you can also let individual participants learn on their own or be coached independently. Even better: you can combine training and coaching in one platform!

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Your own learning environment in the cloud

Create a LearningStone workspace to offer your trainees or coachees powerful online tools for learning, collaboration, planning, distribution of materials,  progress tracking, and much more.
The LearningStone platform is your flexible learning environment in the cloud that puts you in charge, takes tedious tasks out of your hands, and helps to scale your business.

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ls-iso-010 perfect online experience

The perfect online experience and privacy for your participants

Use LearningStone for collaborative group learning or for individual scenarios like self paced e-learning or one-on-one coaching.
So your business loves people? So does LearningStone! We built the platform from the ground up to make sure your participants can be confident that their privacy and security is taken care of and you can focus on your participants.

Privacy and the GDPR >>

ls-iso-010 create content

Create content and track progress

The course editor allows you to create a timeline using the unique block system. The right block exists for all your needs—whether it’s a survey, an assignment, a text, a calendar event, a video, documents, or even scheduled messages to encourage learning.
Progress Markers can be added to let either the participant or the coach track achievements for administrative purposes or for gamification.

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LS-iso-10-reuse content

Small, medium or large: develop, re-use and scale!

Develop, copy and reuse learning materials. Set up and then re-use the configuration of collaboration features so that you can build on your previous work without starting over.  Every experience will lead to less work!
Start small and then scale.
Need a dedicated platform for larger applications?
Let us know!

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ls-iso-010 forms-quizzes

Packed with functionality: timelines, forms, reports

LearningStone helps you manage online spaces for collaborative or individual learning packed with functionality. A unique block system lets you build dynamic course timelines. The powerful forms builder lets you create reusable intakes, logbooks, evaluations, tests and quizzes. Add progress markers to course material to track and report on achievements of your participants.

Functions & tools >>

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Collaborative learning for engagement and efficiency

We strongly believe in the power of  the cohort. Groups make learning more engaging, fun and more often than not, a great deal more efficient for the provider of the learning. The LearningStone platform offers the perfect environment for groups to learn and work together effectively with dialogs, comments, posts, likes and messages.

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On every device!

LearningStone offers a responsive interface. Simply enter your text, video's, and other content once and we take care of all devices. Have access to participants and course information anywhere you go. Add content or members on the fly.

Follow in their footsteps

Try LearningStone and follow in the footsteps of training professionals and their clients all over the world. Get started, and you’ll discover why so many professionals love LearningStone. Try it out for yourself with our free-for-ever plan  right now.

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LearningStone is hosted in a secure data center and is constantly monitored.