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  • How to operate a lathe or a deep fryer

    Posted 22-09-2017, by LearningStone

    I recently went through a huge list of courses that are given in a blended format (defined as the combination of face2face and online) to see what type of courses work best blended. And also, to see when blended doesn’t work.

    I came to a surprising long list of... Read more »
  • Improved onboarding

    Posted 18-09-2017, by LearningStone

    As a LearningStone manager, you have to take care of the onboarding of users. We realize this is an important moment, so we are constantly improving the onboarding experience and user management features. We've already on-boarded more than 100.000 users with our technology but it can always get better!

    With this weekend’s release, we have added several new features concerning user management... Read more »
  • New & Improved: Personal Folders & Export

    Posted 13-09-2017, by LearningStone

    Thanks to feedback from our users, we often find ways to improve basic elements of LearningStone. If we didn’t thank you enough before - shame on us – thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Today we have released a new version of the what was called... Read more »
  • NEW: LearningStone introduces Conditional Content

    Posted 23-06-2017, by LearningStone

    We're pleased to announce that as of today it is possible to show parts of course timelines conditionally.
    This is best explained with a few examples. In all cases, you add a “block” or module with one or more indented “subblocks”. These subblocks will only be shown when a condition has been met.
    For example, show subblocks if participant... Read more »
  • Blended Trainers, You are Cannibals

    Posted 13-06-2017, by LearningStone

    All over the world people are worrying about the impact that technology will have on employment and existing industries in general. Self-driving cars, robots taking over the production chain, machines taking over manual chores, e-commerce… need I go on? Within each sector, the training world included, technology is disrupting businesses and replacing the workforce at a breathtaking speed... Read more »
  • Mailing to your LearningStone participants just got better

    Posted 24-05-2017, by LearningStone

    Do you want to send out a challenge, a reminder for a advanced training course or simply a happy holidays message? If you have more than one or two training or coaching groups, maybe even hundreds, you know that it’s important to be able to select the right combinations of groups to send messages to. Though LearningStone has long offered a powerful mailing system, it just got better. The big difference is Read more »
  • NEW: Quiz & Test functionality (Test your Trump knowledge!)

    Posted 06-04-2017, by LearningStone

    If you use LearningStone, you’ll have noticed the great forms and survey functionality. With “Forms” you can create signup forms, intake forms, surveys, evaluations, and more. You can use this integrated into a course in LearningStone, or simply as a super useful standalone tool. But what about self grading tests? Many of you have been asking us not to send you off to other vendors to add these. We’ve listened, got to work and... Read more »
  • Create a Learning Logbook in 5 minutes

    Posted 05-04-2017, by LearningStone

    LearningStone offers a course timeline that can be used for training and coaching. It’s a flexible learning path that offers content, planning, homework, progress markers and lots more. Often trainers and coaches need a flexible tool to document learning goals and log personal progress for trainees or coachees. The new release of LearningStone has added new possibilities making it easy to create a “learning monitor” or “learning logbook”.... Read more »