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  • Are you ready for LearningStone 2.0 on December 2nd? + free webinar

    Posted 12-11-2018, by LearningStone

    On December 1st and 2nd, we’ll be releasing the biggest update for LearningStone since 2014. The interface will be much better!
    For a sneak preview, have a look here. We’ve been getting questions about the upcoming release.
    The main question is: what do we have to do?
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  • LearningStone 2.0 release expected on December 2nd.

    Posted 01-11-2018, by LearningStone

    As we announced before, we're working hard on the next big LearningStone release. We're calling it LearningStone 2.0 as it's going to be the biggest release of the hundreds of releases up till now...

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  • LearningStone is proud to sponsor the Code BEAM Lite conference.

    Posted 16-10-2018, by LearningStone

    Code BEAM Lite conferences are community lead conferences that strive to engage the local Erlang and Elixir ecosystem by bringing together developers to share knowledge & ideas, learn from each other and inspire..
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  • Blended learning as a better business model

    Posted 25-09-2018, by LearningStone

    If you are designing a training program, it’s natural to focus on the trainee’s perspective. Is the content relevant? Are they learning enough? Are they enjoying themselves? Does the program help them on the job?
    All those questions are important but a trainer also needs to think about the operational and business... Read more »
  • Which services do you or other trainers and coaches need? Win a free T-shirt!

    Posted 11-09-2018, by LearningStone

    As you know, LearningStone offers affordable subscriptions for an excellent suite of tools for blended learning and coaching and our team provides support for free.

    But did you know we also provide other services aimed at training and coaching professionals? That way you can focus on your core qualities. Some of these services are... Read more »
  • Why trainers should stop giving one day courses.

    Posted 20-07-2018, by LearningStone

    by Michiel Klønhammer, co-founder of LearningStone
    A large percentage of courses in the professional training world is given in one single day, or perhaps in two halves. Why? Most trainers will tell you that this is all they can manage to sell to their clients: neatly packaged courses, clear pricing and an easily repeatable – though somewhat boring – business. Years of scientific research have consistently shown that spacing learning over time has enormous...
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  • Sneak preview of the new LearningStone

    Posted 19-07-2018, by LearningStone

    Hopefully you are enjoying a great summer, while LearningStone is running smoothly, taking care of all your online needs as a trainer or coach. In the meantime, we’re working hard on the all new LearningStone and would love to share a sneak preview... Read more »
  • New: Taking LearningStone to the cleaners! (for nerds only)

    Posted 27-06-2018, by LearningStone

    Usually, we write about new features that are pretty visible for either administrators or members of LearningStone workspaces. Not this time! New for LearningStone is a rewritten data cleaner... Read more »
  • Sign the LearningStone GDPR Processing agreement now

    Posted 24-04-2018, by LearningStone

    As we reported before: as of 25 May 2018, a new European privacy regulation will be in force: the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Both European and non- European users will be affected by the GDPR. As of today, LearningStone Workspace Managers can sign the GDPR... Read more »