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Platform overview - Collaborative or solo?

LearningStone offers a flexible platform for collaborative or individual training, coaching or guiding. Working with cohorts or individuals? Need a blended format or is a self-paced elearning format enough for now? Is it training, coaching, mentoring, or guidance? LearningStone has got you covered.

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Collaborative learning

Cohorts have more fun!

We strongly believe in the power of  the cohort. Groups make learning more engaging, fun and more often than not, a great deal more efficient for the provider of the learning. Let the participants learn from each other. The LearningStone platform offers the perfect environment for groups to learn and work together effectively.

Tools: flexible spaces with built in member management tools, timelines for organizing learning materials, dialogs, a social wall, document sharing, messages for groups, calendaring for events, shareable progress reporting and more! 

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Let’s go solo

Elearning or coaching when it’s better on your own.

LearningStone offers a perfectly streamlined individual experience if you need to provide self-paced e-learning, individual upskilling or reskilling tracks or individual coaching when a cohort approach doesn’t work for you.

Solo-spaces can be effectively used for organizing individuals with a common learning goal that don’t need to learn together or as fully personalized spaces for coachees.

Tools:  spaces and timelines for individuals, scheduled messaging for microlearning, material that can be presented conditionally, tests, quizzes, logbooks, personal folders, videos.

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Blended coaching

Personal, effective and efficient 

One-on-one  be personal and private but there is no reason that it should not be efficient. That’s where blended coaching comes in. Use LearningStone to offer material and communication before-, between and after coaching sessions.

Tools: spaces for coaching groups of individuals, personal folders and dialogs, calendars, conditional content, spaces for coaching groups of individuals, schedules messages, logbooks, downloads and much more!

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Learning communities and alumni groups

Let’s stay together!

Learning communities are groups of learners that stay together for longer to keep in touch, to keep learning and for you to keep connecting with.

Have you ever considered not only offering short training and other L&D tracks but keeping your learners together? LearningStone makes it easy to combine short tracks like typical training offerings, with long term learning communities or alumni cohorts. Start mobilizing the long tail of learning!

Tools:  small to large community spaces, scheduled content and messaging, dialogs, posts and other collaboration tools, member management tools, messages.

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