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LearningStone is being developed with Erlang, the high performance open source language.

Erlang – originally developed at Ericsson (thank your Ericsson!) – is a language that is very suitable for high performance platforms like LearningStone that want to offer users a friendly, stable, and safe environment. Large scale online services like WhatsApp also use Erlang.

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More info about us and Erlang: 




Zotonic  - Open Source

LearningStone is developing open source components that are given back to the developers community. We believe strongly in sharing technology. An important part of this, are the contributions to Zotonic - the Erlang framework that has gained international recognition. Zotonic is the brainchild of LearningStone CTO Marc Worrell.

More about Zotonic at:



LearningStone Securtiy



LearningStone is comitted to offering a secure and private platform using 128 bits encryption. Besides technical security, we also design for security and privacy.  LearningStone Workspaces offer private groups where information cannot be accidentally leaked. Please see our privacy policy.


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