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Use cases & industries

Training and coaching agencies and other L&D professionals deploy LearningStone in numerous markets and industries. The LearningStone platform plays an important role for both professional and personal development in business, health and wellbeing, large industries, government, banks and SMEs. If you have a need that doesn’t fit into the categories below, we would love to hear about it. And if you recognize your field of work, feel free to ask us for a tour!

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Professional & Talent Development

Leadership training - marketing & sales - professional writing - soft skills - customer contact - account management - and more!

Every person has different talents that are used in his or her working life. Development and deployment of these talents makes a positive contribution, not only for oneself or the organization, but also for society as a whole.

LearningStone supports these learning processes, whether it is an individual process or through interaction with trainers, coaches and other participants in a group.

"This blended-learning platform contributes immensely"
Jenni Miller, Management Dynamics

Case: Management Dynamics
Case: Fastlane
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Team & organizational development

A company or a team has a common goal. A company's performance depends on many factors. For example, can corporate culture, communication, project management or the talents in the company be better utilized or developed?

Guidance and training to provide information and share knowledge is key to improving an organization's performance. Whether that follows a predetermined pattern or is improvisational and responsive to current issues, LearningStone supports the entire process.

"The live meetings are now much more about interactivity and dialogue."
Evert Pruis, Forzes

Case: Delphi Mindconnection
Case: Forzes

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Personal development

Increasing knowledge out of pure interest, enjoyment in tackling a subject together, and relaxation are clear motivators for many people to choose training. This can range from making music, sports and meditation, to language learning.

LearningStone supports the learning process and allows people to learn with and from each other, whether they live near each other or on the other side of the world.

"With LearningStone, I can present course materials in one central environment and let participants post videos of themselves playing music. And everyone can give instant feedback on each other.”
Jelske Hoogervorst, Improvise for Real

Case: Improvise for Real

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Blended health and well-being

Everyone encounters difficult situations in life that affect personal well-being. Situations where it is helpful to learn skills or modify behavior so that you can better handle that situation. Whether it's illness, burn out, dyslexia or situations where you can't stand up for yourself well, counseling and training can improve personal well-being.

LearningStone provides an environment for blended mentoring, knowledge exchange, connection and support.

Case: MijnWelzijn Leren (new page)

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Train the trainer or coach

Training is a profession and so is coaching. You can learn a lot about it. How do you transfer knowledge? How do you do that as effectively as possible and do you have to have all the knowledge yourself, or do you support someone who transfers his or her knowledge to colleagues, for example?
Whether you are a specialist or you have always dreamed of becoming a trainer, the skills to transfer knowledge can be acquired in train-the-trainer programs.

Do you provide a train the trainer or coach program?
LearningStone is especially useful for you!

"Trainers find that their online training is more effective with LearningStone. And that's what it's all about in the end!", Petra Aartsen, Blitco

Case: Trainers Academy
Case: Round table

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