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From classroom to blended training: “We never would've been able to complete the transition without LearningStone”

Blended learning, Customer story

From necessity to indispensable training method: that is the best description of Fast Lane's transition to blended learning. This leading IT trainer offers training programs and customized training to IT professionals worldwide. The company used to do this in the traditional way. “For example, we organized five-day classroom training courses on Microsoft and Cisco, providing a certified trainer, a classroom, and skills labs,” says Jordi van der Windt. As a trainer and consultant for Fast Lane Benelux, he mainly focuses on the end use of IT. “This traditional training method really appealed to us.”

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But a few years ago, the company was forced to delve into blended learning as part of a tender: “We never would've been able to complete the transition without LearningStone. Blended learning is now increasingly accepted, which means LearningStone is also used more and more.”

“LearningStone offers a simple blended learning platform and contributes ideas”

According to Jordi, Fast Lane was mostly looking for “a very simple, user-friendly blended learning platform.” He explains, “In their private lives, people are used to Facebook, among other things. We wanted to work with a platform that offers a similar experience. That's what led us to LearningStone, which has a timeline and allows you to incorporate blocks, thus providing an accessible environment. That appealed to us. Furthermore, communicating with LearningStone turned out to be very pleasant. They want to learn more about your business and contribute ideas. This combination of positive factors convinced us we should work with LearningStone.”

Fast Lane was one of the first parties in IT to offer blended learning training courses. “We scheduled three classroom training sessions over a period of three weeks: one day per week. And we made sure participants could access materials in between sessions, so they could determine their own study time. This benefited them and their employers, who didn't have to make do without their employees for an entire week or multiple days in a row.”

Since then, Fast Lane has expanded its offer. “For a user adoption customer, for example, we've set up an e-learning environment with LearningStone. In this group space, nearly 300 people take a Microsoft SharePoint training. Now, they can easily access all required training materials, such as instructional videos and quizzes that help them test their knowledge.”

“Our organization has fully embraced blended learning”

Jordi explains that LearningStone offers several strong elements. “To me, the most useful one is the clear timeline,” he says. “We now have fixed timelines that we keep reusing in new training courses. What's also great is that participants in technical training courses can communicate with each other and with the trainer through the blended learning platform. That increases engagement.”

However, Jordi has noticed the trainer's role is essential: “When trainers are blended learning savvy, they use the platform optimally. They provide a great introduction, share additional materials, encourage interaction, and create a safe environment where people feel comfortable asking questions.”

Fast Lane and its customers have arrived at a point where they can no longer do without LearningStone. “We've noticed that the blended learning platform offers a myriad of opportunities. And our customers benefit from not having to make do without a consultant for five whole days due to intensive on-site training. We take on large assignments — for example, for the government — and blended learning is increasingly a requirement. That's no problem for us, as our organization has fully embraced blended learning!”

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