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New: Two-factor authentication and logging in with Microsoft

Are you one of our super users managing thousands of trainees and coaches on LearningStone or are you just serious about security? Then you really need to read on! LearningStone always focuses on security and privacy. After a long beta phase with some of our power users using two-factor authentication or “2FA” for LearningStone on a daily basis, we have now released 2FA for all. It is now available to all LearningStone users. And on top of that we added the option to login with Microsoft.


With 2FA, you connect a device, usually a phone, to your account by scanning a QR-code. You can then use the app on your device to generate a one-time code when you login. It makes it considerably harder to hack a system.

You will first need to install an app on your phone such as Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile or you can use some password managers like 1Password. Now login to LearningStone and choose Account > Activate two-factor authentication and scan the QR-code with the app.
The next time you login, you will be asked to look up a code like 123-456 in the app.
Once you choose “Remember me” while logging in, you will not have to log in or enter the code again on that device. Do not do this when other people can access this device.

Sharing accounts?

Send a screenshot of the barcode or the backup code shown under the QR-code to the other person.

More help here.

Login with Microsoft

In addition to the existing methods of logging in, users can now log in with their Microsoft accounts. If you log in daily with a Microsoft work or school account or use Outlook, Hotmail or Live, you can now log in to LearningStone with one click.
And if you already have an account on LearningStone that you log into with email + password, you can still link your Microsoft account to LearningStone (under 'Account').  Pretty cool right?  

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