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Collaborating with customers on new features: "LearningStone has worked with us to find technical solutions that meet our demands"

You probably don't associate the term 'personal development' with virtual reality. Yet they go hand in hand, as is proved by 360Outspoken, a company that sets up digital learning environments for personal development training courses and enriches them with virtual reality. The training courses mainly focus on soft skills, such as team building, problem solving, leadership, and sales. “We translate certain modules into a virtual reality environment, so professionals can actually experience what happens if they make certain work-related choices,” says Sabine van Egeraat, one of the two co-owners of the company.

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Although 360Outspoken initially provided traditional face-to-face training, it was one of the first parties in its field to conclude that virtual reality is invaluable to training courses. VR tooling had to be linked to a digital learning platform. So when the company set out on this path to modernization, it needed to find a suitable online learning environment: “We liked LearningStone from the very start. But we didn't think our collaboration would turn into a strategic one: LearningStone has worked with us to find technical solutions that meet our demands, which has resulted in a great new feature.”

“LearningStone supports our microlearning method”

It didn't take long to discover that LearningStone fits well with 360Outspoken's method. “We set up our training courses based on microlearning,” Sabine explains. “It's much more effective to briefly work on your development every day than to participate in an intensive training course once. LearningStone supports this approach by providing opportunities for interaction: text, video, quizzes, and questionnaires, as well as peer learning. As a result, learning is no longer something people have to do. They like it and commit themselves to it.”

But there was one element 360Outspoken required and that was not yet incorporated into the LearningStone environment: “We thought it would be useful to draw conclusions regarding participants’ individual progress in between sessions and at the end of the training course. These are shared with them in the form of feedback — it's a bit like digital coaching. This way, they gain insight into two important things: what they've already achieved (compliment) and what they can still learn (perspective).”

“LearningStone helped us shape, improve, and realize our idea”

When 360Outspoken shared its idea with LearningStone, the two parties joined forces to find a solution. The result:  synergy. “We know exactly what we want, but we're not IT experts. LearningStone paid excellent attention to our demands, actively contributed ideas, and took all IT matters off our hands. We've collaborated closely to develop the new feature. LearningStone didn't just take over. We really sat down and brainstormed a great solution that's useful for other users, too.”

That solution is now available in the form of a feature that ensures participants have insight into their strengths and challenges through a score in LearningStone. As a result, it's possible to provide every participant with personal feedback based on their activities. It's much more accessible and effective than one assessment upon completion. What the feature has done for 360Outspoken? “LearningStone has helped us shape, refine, improve, and realize our idea. That is how it's contributed to achieving our goals!”

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