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Introducing: Progress conclusions

LearningStone offers a unique authoring system based on what we call course timelines which can be used for self paced courses, coaching tracks, material for collaborative training or for learning communities. A course timeline is a string of blocks for content, events, forms and quizzes and more. Today we are introducing a new block called a “Progress conclusion ”which is great for giving feedback - the “conclusions”- based on points scored by the user.

lS072 progress conclusion.png

A progress conclusion is a special block that you can add to a course timeline to calculate a “conclusion score”. Depending on the score, you can show conclusions or feedback based on questions asked in various blocks. A conclusion can be a text, images or video. 

Need an example? Choose the example “Progress markers” from the example folder in your course timeline library.


What do you use a progress conclusion for?

A progress conclusion block can be used to track understanding of items in a course timeline or use it as a so-called “self test” – which lets a user rate him or herself (e.g “How motivated are you? Or “How well do you understand the subject matter?”).

Before you continue, it’s good to understand how progress markers work first. See the help on progress markers.

A conclusion is shown depending on an achieved score, calculated by adding up the scores in progress markers that are multiple choice quiz items.

If there is no score at all (there are no quiz items with points), a progress conclusion block can be used to check if a member has completed progress markers. 

You can also use a progress conclusion after a  quiz or test with a score (a form with multiple-choice quiz questions). In that case you develop a test with points and let the user submit the form. The next block in the course timeline is the progress conclusion block. The user clicks on it and overall feedback is given about the test.

More help? Check the help on progress conclusions.


Special thanks goes to Outspoken Communication for the co-development of this function. Follow this space for an interview on how Outspoken combines VR and LearningStone functionality. Coming soon!



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