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Professional services

LearningStone offers a versatile, user friendly, and scalable platform that you can operate all by yourself. If you want us to add custom components or do some of the work for you or if you want to be trained, we're here when you need us. Check the Calendar for upcoming events, webinars, and training or ask us for custom training or support. And let's not forget, there is free support too!

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LearningStone Support

Free support & coaching

Are you planning to use the free-for-ever workspace or a paid plan on LearningStone? In either case, you can talk to a human about how everything works and how LearningStone can fit into your business.

Ask us for advice, an online tour and help with creating your first LearningStone workspace. We are generous with our support and truly believe we’re in this together. We’ll even add your house style for free to get you up and running!




LearningStone Custom technology

Custom technology development

Do you need custom modules, a dedicated solution built by our team or perhaps an integration with your own system?
Our team can provide custom built modules based on a sound framework built for speed and stability. With a 99.9+% uptime of our services, we have proven that LearningStone technology is reliable and here to stay.

Ask us for a quote and development plan or give us a call to discuss the possibilities.

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Outsource some of your work

Need some extra support setting things up? Do you need professional video production or other content development or an instructional designer? We can help or can connect you to one of our production partners.
Even if you need a remote assistant to help you manage your online activities including marketing and the setup of your learning environment, we can provide you with a solution.

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 Check the Calendar for upcoming events, webinars, and training or ask us for custom training or support.