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Are you wondering what LearningStone users are saying? Check out the following testimonials. Would you like to get in touch with a user in your field to share some experiences? Just let us know and we'll arrange it for you! 


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'Essential for our transition to blended learning'

Pieter de Groot - Adsysco

‘The LearningStone platform has not only been essential for our transition to blended social work, but has made it possible for our clients to quickly set up their own environments within the platform. All this without any major investment for the software. We haven't had to worry about the technology at all, as it turns out to be very stable and fast. The support has been great and working together is very pleasant.’

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'Really excited about using LearningStone!'

Annelies Tegel - TrainersAcademie

'I'm really excited about using LearningStone LMS! From the beginning I was enthusiastic and the support of LearningStone is excellent. Therefore I decided to work with LearningStone and I was never disappointed! Perfect service, ease of use and they listen to new ideas for functions.'


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'It’s a fabulous place for the organization of learning'

Jenni Miller – Management Dynamics

'This blended-learning platform contributes immensely. LearningStone is very quick and easy to set up. Creating a group space for a training program, for example, only takes a few minutes. We really like the look of it. And the wall was definitely a plus, too. The system’s communication element is beautiful. It's a fabulous place for the organization of learning. We'd never be able to run our programs without LearningStone!’

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'Impressed with the stability and speed'

Bastian Muller - TMA

'LearningStone is our platform to roll out training for our own certification courses and other work.  By now this involves large numbers and the platform is extremely business critical for us. We are pleased with the tremendous growth the platform has experienced. Not only the functionalities but also the presentation is getting better and better. We are impressed with the stability and speed of the platform.'

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'The ease of use of LearningStone is great'

Jeanne Bakker – Brain Bakery

'What I love about LearningStone: Ease of use even for groups of more than 700 participants. Very easy for participants to join through Facebook or LinkedIn. Both smartphone and desktop work fast and well. I use LearningStone for Social Learning during Learning Journeys of 9 of our larger clients. I recommend LearningStone (and no I have no relation with them whatsoever except being a raving Fan).’ 



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'The engagement in training sessions will be increased'

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Jordi van der Windt – Fastlane

'I find LearningStone's convenient timeline the most useful. In addition, in technical training courses it is nice that participants can communicate with each other and with the trainer via the blended-learning platform. This increases involvement. We handle large assignments, including for the government - and blended learning is increasingly a requirement for this. For us this is not a problem, because our organization has fully embraced blended learning!’

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'Very nice in LearningStone to use a lot of video'

Greg Owen Boger - Turpin

‘LearningStone met our needs because we're so heavily video-based. LearningStone allows us to upload tons and tons of videos. On top of that, we were drawn to the platform's timeline: we liked the idea of tracking conversations. LearningStone worked with us to customize the solution. Ever since, we've had a really strong relationship. Whenever there's a question or issue, it's addressed within hours.’ 

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'A lot of value for money'

Freek Jetten - KSG

'We appreciate Learning Stone very much as a reliable and easy to use tool to support us in developing blended learning solutions. It is great value for money. The customer support is very fast and personal.’

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'LearningStone's interface is so intuitive'

Megan Torrance – Torrance Learning

'I used LearningStone to support a class I taught for the eLearning Guild. I loved being able to set up the whole curriculum at once, then hide future sessions' material until the week I needed it. Classy! Best yet: the interface is intuitive enough for learners that I didn't have to waste time teaching them how to use it. We just used it. I'm looking forward to using LearningStone for the next class ... and couple new clients, too!’

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'LearningStone is a user-friendly, intuitive platform'

Miek Wouters, Wolters Kluwer

'LearningStone is a user-friendly, intuitive platform. Back- and frontend are very similar. This makes admin management easy. Our trainers and participants were both enthusiastic about having everything in one place. We also highly appreciate the good service.’

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'LearningStone offers brilliant options'

Yvon Golbach – Zest for Work

'The blended-learning platform is very easy to set up modularly. In addition, it offers brilliant options, such as language capabilities. I need those because I operate on the international market. LearningStone made the blended-learning platform available in Russian at our request and is now working on a Polish version as well, because we need it.’

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'LearningStone saved us a lot of time'

Bart Volmuller - Driestar

'We came across LearningStone when we were developing a learning plot easier and so we dropped our Microsoft approach and haven't regretted it since! LearningStolatform with Microsoft tools. We realized this was going to make our lives as trainers a ne has saved us an incredible amount of time and the team has been very supportive and friendly at all times. Our clients are impressed with our new learning platform.’


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'This platform beats everything else I have worked with'

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Silke Körner - Dex Training & Consulting GmbH

'In terms of versatility and intuitive design this platform beats everything else I have worked with. The customer support is outstanding: always very quick and personal! The ease of setting up and maintaining a program is remarkable. Also great is the ability for participants to co-create their learning journey by uploading resources, interacting with each other, in a safe space.’

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'Easy to step in and use'


Marcel Daems - Mede

'We use LearningStone mostly in combination with a training on site. Students can prepare themselves with difficult content by following the e-learning and reflect on this content during the training instead of following a lecture during the training. LearningStone helps us to set up the e-learning quick and easy. And our students feedback confirms that they appreciate the principles of blended learning.’



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'Outstanding: professional, caring, attentive and so helpful'


Mac Macdonald- LaPD Solutions

'I like the simplicity, the clean interface, the ease of use and the way we can create courses by simply pulling in documents, slides, images from previously added resources. We love that it is cloud-based, secure and protected. The form tools are simple and look great. We were blown away that it had far more than we'd hoped plus things we'd not even thought of. The amount of time I have saved is so welcome and best of all, I can do everything myself. Thank you team LearningStone. Superb.’


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