The next step towards professionalization: manage your training in one single environment

Blended learning: it sounds pretty good, but you dread the idea of having to work with a new technology. Well, let’s take a minute to consider the digital elements you’re already using. Most trainers…

With new partner DEX Training & Consulting LearningStone now offers full German language support!

DEX Training & Consulting has partnered with LearningStone for the German market. The LearningStone platform helps transform workshops into effective learning processes. DEX Training &

How difficult (or simple) is blended learning, really?

When considering blended learning, training agencies often come across a variety of questions. Trainers are accustomed to mainly communicating face to face with participants and wonder if the…

5 reasons to not embrace blended learning (and do they make sense?)

At LearningStone, we are very excited about blended learning, a mix between face-to-face training and online learning. But we know that some people have their doubts about it. Let’s have a look at .

Who do you need to run a blended training agency?

In our previous blog, Are you ready for blended training as a business strategy? We discussed the various tasks associated with blended training. We also wrote that it requires several roles.

Merry XMas and a great 2019!

If you've been active on LearningStone in the past two weeks, you'll have noticed a lot of changes as we launched   LearningStone 2019 . We really want to thank everyone that has taken the…

LearningStone 2019 Live!

This morning all LearningStone workspaces were transferred to the new LearningStone. Hello LearningStone 2019!   What's new? New navigation that has been developed for small, medium and large…

Are your ready for Blended Training as a business strategy?

Imagine…. You have a successful training agency providing high quality courses for a list of impressive clients. You regularly design new courses, you’ve figured out how to charge for them, know all…

Video tour of LearningStone 2019 (English only)

Are you ready for the next LearningStone? Watch this short video showing the new interface.

Are you ready for LearningStone 2019 on December 2nd? + free webinar

On December 1st and 2nd, we’ll be releasing the biggest update for LearningStone since 2014. The interface will be much better!
For a sneak preview, have a look here. We’ve been getting…