From physical to online: set up a solid training course in 2 stages

In this ‘new’ era, many trainers use applications such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams to organize live training courses. But the majority do the exact same thing they’d do in a physical training room.

Download our pre-flight checklist for a smooth webinar or videoconference

Have you prepared your LearningStone workspace and are you ready for some Online Blended Training? Don't forget to practice your presentations and workshops on Zoom, Teams, Whereby or other video

Want to improve your online learning environment and training skills in a fun, inspiring way?

As of recently, LearningStone users can join the RoundTable. This ‘quest’ aims to gradually improve your learning environment and help you practice providing online training and coaching. All…

Fresh design and fresh forms!

As you may have noticed, we are gradually rolling out some wonderful new design elements all over LearningStone. Have a look at our appointment pages, our services page, dedicated page and many more…

MidNJ ATD 10th Annual Technology Showcase

Join us at the MidNJ ATD 10th Annual Technology Showcase. Though we'll be the first to agree that we miss our face-to-face colleagues, we're happy to be speaking at this event! It will offer an…

LearningStone Tech News

So you noticed that our new login has two steps? And you want to know why? Or just interested in the technical developments at LearningStone? In the past two years, we’ve been working hard on the…

Want to offer top-notch training? Coach the trainer!

The world continues to develop. In the didactic field, too, new, more effective ways to train people are discovered all the time. Some of these are technological in nature. An example includes Zoom

How to increase the learning effect and your market with a blended learning platform

Can you learn to improvise on a melodic instrument remotely? Musician and improvisation coach Jelske Hoogervorst, founder of Echt Improviseren (Improvise for Real), developed three teachings methods…

“Lifelong learning”: does that apply to both content and technology?

As a trainer, you know that no one is ever done learning. That is why you always continue to enhance your subject-matter knowledge. But do you do the same when it comes to technology? When trainers…

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